Federal Auto Inspection, Winston-Salem, NC

Federal auto inspections make your car or truck safer and more efficient on the road.

When it’s time to have your car inspected, you may find yourself wondering what kinds of things are going to be checked on your vehicle. Fortunately, at Platinum Auto Repair & Motorsports, we keep up with the requirements for federal and NCDOT regulations, so you get a great service and know your vehicle is ready for the road.

Federal Auto Inspection in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Federal auto inspections require a thorough check of the most basic components of your vehicle. For example, they want to know that your braking system, wheels and tires, fuel and exhaust system, and the frame of your car all meet specific safety standards. Depending on whether you operate a standard motor vehicle or commercial equipment for working purposes, there are also standards set for federal auto inspections that include coupling devices and safe loading.

When you break down federal auto inspections and NCDOT requirements for vehicles, it really is a logical checklist of the things that make your car or truck safer and more efficient on the road. If you have received a letter indicating it’s time to have your vehicle inspected in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, all you have to do is make a stop in here with us at Platinum Auto Repair & Motorsports.

We provide complete auto repair services, work on both domestic and foreign vehicles, and will ensure that you drive away in your safest, most reliable vehicle every time. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment and to see why we are your first choice in car care centers in the Winston-Salem area.