NCDOT Inspections, Winston-Salem, NC

Our trained and experienced technicians know the rules of the road and the inspection requirements.

NCDOT inspections aren’t just a good idea – they are required by law for your vehicle at least once per year. As a car owner, knowing that your vehicle is in good condition is important because it affects how and when you drive. At Platinum Auto Repair & Motorsports, we offer NCDOT inspections, so you can keep a legal vehicle on the road and know that you have a safe, reliable car for your everyday routine.

NCDOT Inspections in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When you make your appointment for NCDOT inspections with us here at our shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, you’ll quickly find that we make the entire process fast and efficient. Not only do our trained and experienced technicians know the rules of the road and the inspection requirements, but we also do what we can to make the process go quickly, so you can get back to your day.

During NCDOT inspections, we follow a checklist provided by the state and federal government to ensure that your vehicle meets safety standards and is performing at its optimal level. For example, we’ll check your wheels and tires, the frame of the car, and the internal components (such as the brakes, suspension, and steering), and determine whether your exhaust system is in good condition. Once your vehicle passes each of the required items on the list, you’ll receive a green light from us to continue driving, and you’ll know that your car is in great condition.

If you have questions about NCDOT inspections or your vehicle is due for this important servicing, contact us at Platinum Auto Repair & Motorsports today to make an appointment. You can also stop by the shop, and we’ll be happy to assist you.